Mary Dougherty, MS

Associate Principal Consultant

Mary is a nonclinical safety and development toxicologist with expertise in developmental and reproductive toxicity and phototoxicity.  She provides technical, scientific, and regulatory support in pharmacology and toxicology studies, as well as strategic development advice for drugs, biologics, and combination products.  She has over 15 years of CRO experience, including over 10 years as a Study Director and IACUC member, and has a proficient understanding of the GLP and animal welfare regulations.  Mary has extensive experience with a wide variety of specialty toxicology study designs including vaccine, juvenile, reproductive, germline transmission, gene and cell therapy, medical devices, and phototoxicology.  Mary has led many pivotal nonclinical studies with accelerated timelines to success.  She has significant experience with various dose administration routes, including neonatal administration, and with a variety of species, including transgenic mice and hamsters.  Her vast knowledge in these specialty areas allows her to provide expert advice in nonclinical study planning, conducting, and reporting services.  Mary earned a certificate in Photobiology from the European School for Photobiology.  She holds a Master of Science degree in Biology from Villanova University and a Master of Business Administration degree from Drexel University.